Prayer & Care

At Grandview, we believe in the power of prayer and are committed to loving and caring for one another as Christ loves and cares for us.

This page has information and resources for those in need and for those who have a passion to help.



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Prayer Forum

Prayer Forum Updates are distributed by email several times each week. To receive these updates, click the link above and request a subscription. Your email will be added to the distribution list once the subscription is processed and you'll start receiving updates immediately.

If you'd like to submit a prayer request please use the form below. If you are requesting prayer for someone else close to you, their permission must be obtained before the request can be posted to the Prayer Forum.

Public or Confidential Requests

Please specify whether your prayer request is to be shared on the Prayer Forum (general requests) or only with our Ministry Staff and Elders (confidential requests).

Care Ministry

Pastoral Care and Visitation: There are circumstances in life that require a pastor's help. During a crisis you may wish to speak to a pastor; times of bereavement, severe illness, personal and interpersonal conflict are examples. We are here to help. A member of our experienced pastoral care team would be glad to visit with you, whether in the hospital, at our offices, or another location. Please contact the church office to make arrangements to meet with one of our pastoral staff.

Care-Meals Team

Sometimes just getting a meal on the table for your family seems overwhelming during a time of crisis. The Care-Meals Team can meet your family's need; whether during an illness, birth of a baby or family crisis, we want to support you so contact us.... We really do care! If you are in need of assistance please contact the church office. A member of the Care-Meals Team will be in touch with you.


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