He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or seasons that the Father has fixed by his own authority. But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”


The ultimate goal of outreach is To Make Jesus Known. Jesus calls disciples to go and make disciples—to reach the ends of the earth for His glory. There is a very specific responsibility to global missions. There are many unreached nations around the world that need to hear about Jesus. Grandview Church is committed to helping indigenous churches and partner organizations plant local churches, train leaders and alleviate suffering. Our desire is to help equip, pray, serve, and give financially to what God is already doing in the countries in which our cross-cultural missionaries serve.

Ways to participate in global missions at Grandview:
• Adopt and pray for a global mission partner through your life group
• Participate in a short-term mission trip, organized by Grandview’s Outreach Team
• Apply for prayer and funding for a short-term missions trip with a mission agency
• Give financially to specific mission projects

Read about our global mission partners below or contact our global mission team.

Contact the Mission Support Team to Learn More

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Short Term Missions Application

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Full Time Missions Application

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Custodio & Vania de Almeida, Brazil

Evangelical Mission for Assistance to Fishermen / Partners International

"I (Custodio) am an Area Director of EMAF-Brazil. Along with my family, I am located in Macapá (Amapá state) at the mouth of the Amazon river."

Bill & Judy Ball, Cambridge

Slavic Gospel Association

“We have the responsibility and privilege of representing SGA at conferences and in churches throughout Canada. We also work in the area of donor relations and plan/organize short-term group mission trips to Russia and the Ukraine.”

Jeremy & Lindsay Brazeau Papua, Indonesia

Mission Aviation Fellowship

We are teachers at Hillcrest School in Indonesia .We are excited about the role that God has for us in seeing isolated people physically and spiritually transformed in Christ’s name.

John & Krys Cassels Uganda

Africa Inland Mission

“We are involved in mobilizing churches to mission, working out of Soroti Uganda and Waterloo Canada on a 6 month rotation. Every Christian has a part to play in The Great Commission so we act as a catalyst for each person to find their role in Going, Sending, Supporting or Welcoming, so that the gospel reaches the whole world.”

Sergey & Tatyana Druz Russia

Slavic Gospel Association

“Our mission is to help economically distressed churches spread the gospel throughout their region. . In addition to leading various bible study groups in the region, we also run monthly meetings for local church planters and pastors, which focus on teaching leadership.”

Andrew & Cathy Goud Papua New Guinea

New Tribes Mission

“Our work with NTM involves translating the scriptures into the languages of the Wusuraambya tribes of Papua as well as teaching chronological Bible lessons that lay a firm foundation for the good news of Jesus.”

Phil & Merilee Henderson, Chad

Mission Aviation Fellowship

"We (Phil and Merilee, along with our three girls Kaitlyn, Lily and Evelinne), are serving with MAF in Chad, Africa. Phil is a pilot who transports missionaries, doctors, pastors, linguists, translators, patients, and relief workers by air where it is too difficult or too dangerous to transport them by road. Through aviation MAF aims to reach isolated people with the love of Jesus to see them physically and spiritually transformed."

George & Karen King England

Association of Baptists for World Evangelism

"We live in Birmingham, England, the "Muslim capital of Britain". Our multi-ethnic outreach is always adapting to find new ways to interact with people who need the Lord."

Chris & Sara Middleton Quebec

The Fellowship

The Middleton's serve as missionaries in Quebec. As they serve, they also fill the role of Field Leaders for this new field for Fellowship International; recruiting, mentoring and leading personnel in Quebec in partnership with AEBEQ, the Fellowship's French Region.

Marcos & Patricia Silva Ferreira De Melo, Brazil

Partners International

The Evangelical Mission for Assistance to Fishermen (EMAF) has a team of 130 workers who serve the needs of these remote fishing villages and bring the hope of the gospel to their residents. These Brazilian missionaries are committed to demonstrating practical care as well as preaching the truth.

Steve & Jacquie Willson Japan

The Fellowship

Our main ministry is at Christian Academy in Japan, a school established for the children of missionaries. Our secondary ministry is involvement in church plant in downtown Tokyo. Steve serves on the leadership council and worship team. Jacquie is involved with the welcome team and discipleship. Steve has an evangelistic/friendship ministry to the jet skiing community, a subculture in Japan.

ShareWord Global (Gideons)

The mission of Gideons International is to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ, through personal evangelism and Scripture distribution, in Canada and worldwide, so that people may receive eternal life.

Heidi Esau

P2C Students

I serve on a team entering the mission fields of Waterloo Region's colleges and universities. My role has me discipling students in leadership and evangelism, hosting outreach events, and providing community where students can discover and grow in devotion to God. Entering adulthood is a defining period of life and the academic world can be challenging to faithfully navigate, but I'm full of hope for a generation reaching out on the campus today and in the marketplace tomorrow.

Kirsten Fangrad

P2C Students

P2C helps students take their next step towards Jesus. I love watching students experience how Jesus is relevant to all of life! Within the Creative Communications department, I manage a team of designers, photographers, and marketers. We contribute to the mission by shaping culture, producing innovative resources, and designing experiences where life-change happens. We also help the church, donors, and prayer partners be a part of what God is doing in students’ lives.

Sarah Robinson

P2C Students

Through writing and editing, I help young adults across Canada connect their ordinary lives to the extraordinary work of Jesus, that they might walk closer to him. Sometimes this looks like producing original content for our blog, sometimes like mentoring student writers, or sometimes like editing the work of others until it glows with credibility and meaning. My team is especially exploring ways to spark digital engagement with the gospel, to reach students online.